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Peter Audelo, Bass:
It’s fitting that someone with a background in architecture would be a bass player. From the ground up, Peter Audelo’s bass lines are not only structurally sound but interesting as well. Whether he’s weaving a line around the guitar or vocal or driving straight down the middle, it’s always solid and with purpose.

Froghead is a San Diego based heavy rock band whose sound is a product of all the great music that has influenced the members over the years. Sometimes progressive and introspective, other times edgy and attitudinal but always solid, soulful, fun and engaging. Given their musical diversity, the band is continuously challenged to create music that’s true to their artistic convictions, honors the craft of great songwriting while remaining accessible to the listener.
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Randy Ford, Drums:
Drummer Randy Ford is the consummate musician. Solid as the Rock of Gibraltar, he anchors the band with every pounded rhythm. His style is as interpretive as it is steady, lending much to the sound that is Froghead. Always up for anything, he’s truly the fun one of the bunch. To see him play one can understand that for Randy there are “No Bad Days”

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Robert Ninow, Guitar/Vocals:
Though most people would label a guitarist as either “lead or rhythm” Robert believes the guitar is so multi-dimensional; "it's the perfect instrument to blur the boundaries between lead and rhythm playing". That philosophy, along with his melodic style and wide pallet of tones, blends perfectly with the sound that is Froghead

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About Froghead...
Hometown: Vista, CA
Genres: Rock / Melodic Rock / Progressive-Hard Rock
Members:  Larry Jones-Vocals, Peter Audelo-Bass/Backing Vocals, Randy Ford-Drums/Backing Vocals, Robert Ninow-Guitars/Backing Vocals

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Larry Jones, Lead Vocals:
The newest member of the band, Larry is quickly raising Froghead to higher ground. With his wide range and diverse vocal style, he conveys memorable melodies that hit the listener deep. With power and soul, he interprets every lyric with genuine heart, drawing you into the essence of each song. Truly one of San Diego’s finer voices.Larry Jones, Lead Vocals: